Worm Moon 2023: Witness the ball of fire in sky: Check timings in India, US & UK, full Moon calendar 2023 


Dear skygazers, get ready to witness the great ball of light today in the sky. A full Moon or worm Moon will appear today (March 7) worldwide. But what’s a worm Moon, you might ask. The last full Moon of the winter season is called the worm Moon. It marks the beginning of the spring season and calls on humanity to come out of the winter slumber. Here is when you can witness the captivating sight of the worm Moon today in your country.

Spiritual meaning of worm Moon

Worm Moon is not just the last full Moon of the winter season. It holds great spiritual importance. It’s the time when positive energy overflows, soil’s fertility is at its peak and earthworms reappear on the earth’s surface. Naturally, it becomes the most productive time of the year. So, it’s the time when you can strive to realise your dreams.

Worm Moon timings: When is the best time to see the worm Moon?

In India, Worm Moon can be spotted on Tuesday evening, March 7th. The moon will be the brightest at 6:30 PM IST. 

In USA, Worm Moon will be visible at 7:40 AM EST on March 7th. 

In UK, the phenomenon can be observed at 12:40 PM GMT on Tuesday.

In UK, USA, India, Australia and New Zealand, the Moon will appear larger and much brighter than the normal days. It must be noted that the worm Moon will be visible in US for three consecutive nights starting from March 7. However, the size of the Moon will keep getting debilitated.

Date Country Timing
07-Mar-23 United States at 07:40 AM (EST)
07-Mar-23 United Kingdom at 12:40 PM (GMT)
07-Mar-23 India at 06:10 PM (IST)
07-Mar-23 Australia at 11:40 PM

List of full Moons in 2023

  1. April 6: Pink moon
  2. May 5: Flower moon
  3. June 3: Strawberry moon
  4. July 3: Buck moon
  5. August 1: Sturgeon moon
  6. August 30: Blue moon
  7. September 29: Harvest moon
  8. October 28: Hunter’s moon
  9. November 27: Beaver moon
  10. December 26: Cold moon

Worm Moon to share the sky with Jupiter and Venus

As per Space.com, the Worm Moon this year will share the stage with Jupiter and Venus on Tuesday night. Every time the moon is on the other side of the Earth from the Sun, a full moon occurs. The timing of the full moon varies on one’s time zone because we measure full moons when the moon is 180 degrees around the celestial sphere from where the sun is.

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