Weekly Horoscope For March 13-19, 2023 From The AstroTwins


Later this Thursday, sweet, sensual Venus glides into its home sign of Taurus, bringing a stabilizing energy to the game of love between now and April 11.

Would you rather be soul food than eye candy? That’s a great place to start. But don’t forget the basics, like sharing common values. Those are the glue for couples during this annual cycle. From money to spirituality to lifestyle, you’ll be happiest in the presence of people who view things close to the same way. But try to leave room for open discourse instead of digging in your heels like that stubborn Bull at the first sign of disagreement.

Venus in Taurus can make us all a touch old-fashioned, placing a high premium on comfortable, consistent companionship. Wherever you are on the romantic continuum, relationships grow ever more serious under the traditional spell of Taurus. Pamper yourself liberally and spoil the ones you love. “Too much of a good thing” feels like the perfect dose of pleasure now. 

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