Massachusetts sports betting: Secure $300 in bonuses expiring this Friday


Overview of Massachusetts Sports Betting

Legal sports betting became law in Massachusetts in August, 2022, with the Bay State’s hotly anticipated rollout of mobile sports betting operations tabled for March 10th, 2023. Many of the nation’s top sportsbooks now hold the Category 3 betting licenses required to operate in Massachusetts, including DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, and WynnBet. Following the lead of most other states with the legal sports wagering, Massachusetts sports bettors must be 21 years of age or older, reside in MA, and possess a social security number. Read on to learn everything you need to know to maximize your sports betting experience in Massachusetts, including the most up-to-date information regarding top sportsbook promos in Massachusetts.

Best Massachusetts Sports Betting Pre-Launch Offers

Several sportsbooks now have live, soon-to-expire pre-launch offers in Massachusetts, which provide extraordinary value to Massachusetts residents that sign-up before Friday, March 10th. You can collect on these terrific sign-up bonuses with any of the links below.

FanDuel Sportsbook Massachusetts

Expiring on March 10th, FanDuel’s pre-launch offer will deliver Massachusetts sports bettors $100 in bonus bets that can be redeemed immediately on launch day, and with no deposit required, which is practically unheard of. Click HERE to collect! Originally founded in 2009 and currently operated out of New York City, FanDuel bring phenomenal services for both traditional sports betting and daily fantasy to Massachusetts. What’s more, FanDuel enjoys partnerships with numerous top sports leagues and franchises across the US, including the NBA and NFL. FanDuel’s user-friendly interface has resulted in their reputation as a leading provider of customer service, just one more reason that FanDuel is a lock to number among the elite sports betting providers for Massachusettsans.

21+ and present in Massachusetts. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-Gambler.

BetMGM Sportsbook Massachusetts

BetMGM sportsbook is offering an extremely generous $200 in bonus bets for registration before March 10th. Incredibly, no deposit is required; simply click HERE to collect. As one of the nation’s top providers of online sports betting services, BetMGM’s arrival in Massachusetts has been hotly anticipated for months. Better still, Bay Staters have myriad options for accessing BetMGM Sportsbook’s services, including BetMGM’s highly rated mobile app and website, each delivering trustworthy, convenient portals to bet on sports in and out of Massachusetts. BetMGM is a particular favorite among fans of basketball and hockey, as well as the NFL and NBA, both of which have active partnerships with this well-known casino-turned-sportsbook.

21+ and present in Massachusetts. Gambling problem? Call 1-800-Gambler.

Massachusetts Sportsbook Promotions Explained

Sportsbook promotions are special offers and deals available to Massachusetts residents who use sports betting platforms. These promotions typically include perks like welcome bonuses, free bets, cashback offers, and other such incentives designed to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Some promotions may be targeted towards specific sports or events, while others are more general in nature. New information is expected any day on the specific pre-registration promos set to arrive in Massachusetts, which are almost certain to encompass the common sign-up incentives below.

  • Pre-Registration Bonus. As the name suggests, these bonuses are awarded to customers who pre-register with a sportsbook before that sportsbook becomes available in a given state. Pre-registration promos typically provide the best value users will ever be awarded for sign-up, and, as such, these offers are generally available for extremely limited periods of time, often less than two weeks in the immediate advance of the sportsbook’s debut. Massachusetts residents are strongly encouraged to capitalize on any and all pre-registration deals available in the Bay State, because offers in this category will cease to exist on March 10th, at which point sportsbooks will likely switch to the less lucrative sign-up promos.
  • Bet Credits and Bonus Bets. While different terms are often used to describe this sort of promotion, “Bet Credits” and “Bonus Bets” both generally describe the same thing, which is a promotion in which a customer is rewarded for placing an initial cash wager by a receiving a credit to their account. For example, a “Bet $5 Get “200 in Bonus Bets” promotion means that after laying a $5 wager, a bettor will receive a $200 account credit for future wagers. It is important to note that, almost always, the account credit cannot be redeemed for cash immediately, but instead must be used for future wagers placed with the original account.
  • First Bet Offers, Second Chance Bets and No-Sweat First Bets. As with the above, the terms “First Bet Offer,” “Second Chance Bet,” and “No Sweat First Bet” usually refer to the same style of promotion, in which customers can place a bet with reduced risk, because a losing wager will be refunded in site credit. It is important to remember that it is unusual for a wager in this category to be refunded in cash; instead, that refund typically comes via site credit. This means that while the risk is certainly reduced with this type of promotion, users should keep in mind that it is very rare they are truly risk free.
  • Sign-Up Bonuses, Welcome Bonuses, and Deposit Bonuses. Each of these terms refers to a bonus furnished to customers for signing up with a sportsbook, and making a cash deposit into their new account. While these bonuses will generally continue to be available to new users long after a sportsbook has launched in a given state, the bonuses offered in the initial weeks following a sportsbook’s launch will usually be significantly larger than those offered after more time has passed, creating a tangible reason for users to register with a wide array of sportsbooks as quickly as possible, if maximizing value is the goal. Further, some sign-up bonuses can be collected in addition to pre-registration offers, hence the importance of capitalizing on pre-registrations offers whenever available.

Online Sports Betting in Massachusetts: How it Works

Every major sportsbook offers a wide array of betting options. While savvy bettors may not dabble in every category of wager described below, it is nonetheless prudent to familiarize yourself with all of them, as a thorough understanding of the options will allow you to select the best bet for every occasion.

  • Point Spreads. A type of bet where a team is given a “spread,” or a certain number of points, that they are either expected to win by or lose by. For example, if the New England Patriots are playing the New York Jets and the point spread is -7, it means the Patriots are expected to win by 7 points. If a bettor places a wager on the Patriots, New England must win by more than 7 points for the bet to succeed. If a bettor wagers on the Jets, the bet will succeed if New York loses by 7 points or less, or wins the game outright. A New England victory of, for example, 21-14, would result in a “push,” which is akin to a tie, and results in the bettor being refunded their initial wager without further payout.
  • Moneylines: With moneyline wagers, bettors simply wager on which team will win outright, regardless of the margin of victory. The odds for each team on a moneyline will be represented by a positive or negative number, which are the odds, with the favorite having the negative number and the underdog the positive. The larger the positive number, the greater the payout for the bettor if the underdog wins, with the specific payout appearing on your betting platform after the amount of the wager is entered.
  • Over/Under: Over/unders are a type of wager that require a bettor to place money on the total number of points, goals, etc., that will be scored in a given contest. The sportsbook will set a number, for example, 42.5 in an NFL game, or 208.5 in an NBA game, then the bettor wagers on whether the total points scored by both teams will be greater or less than that number. The success or failure of an over/under is unrelated to which team or player wins the contest.
  • Prop Bets: Prop bets are unique in that their success or failure is not tied to the outcome of a game, but rather based on specific events that may or may not happen during the game. For example, a prop bet could relate to the number of yards a specific player will run, the number of home runs a specific player will hit, or whether a specific player will score a touchdown. Prop bets that have virtually nothing to do with the game itself have increased in popularity in recent years, particularly for massively popular events like the Super Bowl. This sort of prop could relate to anything, for example, which surprise guest appears during the halftime show, or what the broadcasters are wearing during coverage.
  • Parlay Bets: Also referred to as “multies,” or “combo bets,” the defining feature of parlays is that multiple unique wagers are combined to create one bet, which only succeeds if every individual wager proves correct. For this reason, the overarching parlay has a much higher payout than any of those individual wagers, which are called “legs.” However, parlays are also very risky, because so many things have to go right for them to pay out.

Using Mobile Sports Betting Apps in Massachusetts

Mobile apps, as well as other digital platforms like standard websites, will be great options for sports bettors in Massachusetts, and mobile sports betting is likely to represent the most popular form of sports betting in the Bay State once the 2023 rollout is complete. Mobile apps provide bettors a convenient, resource-heavy avenue for sports betting, with access to all the standard categories of sports wagers one would find at an in-person betting venue, including moneyline wagers, over/unders, spread wagers, player props, team props, live betting, and more. It is important to note that a different license, called a Category 3, is required for sportsbooks to legally process wagers via mobile apps in Massachusetts, which means that brick–and-mortar sports betting operators may or may not have access to sports betting via mobile apps and other digital platforms. Additionally, the rollout of mobile sports betting in Massachusetts will not coincide with rollout of in-person sports betting. Sports betting via mobile apps will become available on March 10th, 2023, whereas in-person sports betting arrived in Massachusetts on January 31st.

Massachusetts Sportsbooks: How to Choose

With at least 11 sports betting operators set to roll out services in the Bay State, Massachusetts sports bettors will need to determine which sportsbooks are best suited for their personal betting needs. An important caveat, however, is that there is no limit regarding how many sportsbooks a Massachusetts user can register with. This means, so long as bettors play responsibly after creating their accounts, there is a tremendous amount of value to be collected by registering with multiple sportsbooks, and collecting the generous sign-up bonuses each will offer.

At present, our picks for the top Massachusetts sportsbooks include:

  • DraftKings Sportsbook. DraftKings will allow users to bet on an enormous range of sporting events, including football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. Users will be able to choose from a variety of betting options, including moneylines, point spreads, and over/unders, in addition to live betting, which allows users to wager on events currently underway. DraftKings is renowned for competitive odds and an intuitive interface, making it a top choice for sports gamblers nationwide.
  • BetMGM Sportsbook. A leading provider of both brick and mortar and online sports betting services, BetMGM will be among the first mobile sportsbooks to launch in Massachusetts, and instantly become one of the top sportsbooks in the state. Residents of Massachusetts will be able to access BetMGM Sportsbook through the company’s website or mobile app, both providing convenient options to lay wagers on top Massachusetts sports teams and events. Basketball and hockey fans tend to be particularly fond of BetMGM, which has partnerships with the NBA and NHL, as well as several additional sports leagues and franchises.
  • FanDuel Sportsbook. Since being founded in New York in 2009, FanDuel has offered both traditional sports betting services and daily fantasy sports to its growing user base. As partner to several major sports leagues and franchises, including the NFL and NBA, FanDuel has long been a top choice for football and basketball fans. The company’s user-friendly platform has resulted in FanDuel’s reputation as a top customer service provider, providing yet another evidence point that FanDuel will be one of the premier sports betting options in Massachusetts.
  • WynnBET Sportsbook. Having been founded in 2020, WynnBET is the youngest option on this list, but bettors should have complete confidence in WynnBET’s services, given the sportsbook’s well-renowned parent company, Wynn Las Vegas, not to mention WynnBet Sportsbook’s rapidly growing reputation as a top player in mobile sports betting space. Since its inception, WynnBET has consistently delivered excellent odds on a hugely diverse array of sports, as well as all the types of sports bets one would expect, such as over/unders, moneylines, point spreads, player props, and team props. Massachusetts users will find excellent value and outstanding customer service with WynnBET.

Massachusetts Sportsbooks: What to expect

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission will continue to review applications for Category 1, 2, and 3 Sports Wagering Licenses throughout 2023, which means a growing list of sportsbooks will become available for in-person sports betting (Category 1), horse racing and greyhound racing wagering (Category 2), and mobile sports wagering (Category 3).

At present, the following mobile sportsbooks have either met criteria for Category 3 licenses, or are expected to, which means they are all expected to roll out mobile sports betting services in Massachusetts beginning in March 10th, 2023:

  • DraftKings Sportsbook
  • FanDuel Sportsbook
  • BetMGM Sportsbook
  • WynnBet Sportsbook
  • Bally Bet Sportsbook
  • Barstool Sportsbook
  • betr Sportsbook
  • Betway Sportsbook
  • Caesars Sportsbook
  • Fanatics Sportsbook

Massachusetts Sports Betting: Bet on the NBA

NBA sports betting will be a top online option in Massachusetts from the moment mobile sports betting rolls out in the Bay State. This is owed to a combination of factors, including the fortuitous timing of Massachusetts’ sports betting launch, the popularity and excellent play of the Boston Celtics, and, of course, the fact that NBA betting is among the top options for sports bettors nationwide. Not only are the Boston Celtics tied with the Los Angeles Lakers for the most NBA Championships in history, with a whopping 17, the current Celtics, led by Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, show every sign of continuing Boston’s tradition of excellence, fresh off an NBA Finals appearance last season, which resulted in a narrow defeat at the hands of Stephen Curry’s Golden State Warriors.

Massachusetts Sports Betting: Bet on the NFL

Of every sport, NFL betting is by far the most popular option across the United States, and this will almost certainly be the case in Massachusetts as well, given the terrific NFL betting options available via every sportsbook that will roll out services in the Bay State. Following two decades of utter dominance behind the play of Tom Brady, a span that included six Super Bowls, the New England Patriots now find themselves in a transitional period, with up-and-coming quarterback Mac Jones under center, and head coach Bill Belichick continuing to call the shots. All the same, the Patriots, playing out of Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, just outside of Boston, will represent an enormously popular betting option in Massachusetts week in and week out throughout the entire NFL season.

Massachusetts Sports Betting: Bet on the MLB

With a 162-game regular season, in addition to three-round MLB playoffs that terminate with the World Series, baseball betting will not just be a popular option in Massachusetts, it will be a seemingly endless source of money making opportunity. MLB betting has increased in popularity in recent years, and every sportsbook in Massachusetts will offer countless options for baseball bettors in the Bay State.

In a state rich with iconic sports franchises, the Boston Red Sox easily top the list of Massachusetts’ most historically significant pro sports teams. Having won three World Series titles in the last two decades, the most recent in 2018, the Red Sox look to continue their run of stellar play in 2023, though will need to bolster a rotation currently anchored by aging former Cy Young winners Chris Sale and Corey Kluber. With the MLB regular season, conveniently, beginning in March, precisely when mobile sports betting is set to launch in the Bay State, baseball fans will be lining up.

Massachusetts Sports Betting: Bet on College Sports

Though Massachusetts is known far more for professional than collegiate sports, college football and basketball bettors will nonetheless enjoy all sorts of opportunities to lay their money on local favorites like Boston College (BC) and Boston University (BU), as well as top programs across virtually every college sport nationwide.

Importantly, there is a notable caveat to the college sports betting options in Massachusetts. Per state law, bettors are not permitted to wager on college basketball programs that are located in the state of Massachusetts, meaning, for example, no betting on UMASS Amherst’s college basketball team. However, there is an exception to this rule, which is that Massachusetts sports bettors can wager on local college basketball teams if those are playing in the NCAA Tournament, a.k.a. March Madness.

Massachusetts Sports Betting Laws and Regulations

The fundamentals of sports betting legislation in Massachusetts are fairly standard when compared to other states in which sports betting is legal. However, there are a few stipulations unique to Massachusetts, and anyone who plans to wager on sports in the Bay State is advised to consult the essentials outlined below.

  • Sports bettors must be 21+ years of age
  • Betting on esports is permitted
  • Betting is permitted for all professional sports
  • Betting is permitted for all collegiate sports, except for college basketball programs based in Massachusetts. However, that rule will be waived if a Massachusetts-based college basketball team plays in the NCAA Tournament.

MA Sports Betting FAQs

Can you bet on sports in Massachusetts?

Sports betting is officially legal in Massachusetts as of 2023, with mobile sports betting launching in March, 2023, and in-person sports betting launching in January, 2023. Sports bettors must be 21 years of age or older, have a social security number, and live in Massachusetts.

Can I use DraftKings in Massachusetts?

DraftKings Sportsbook will be available to users in Massachusetts beginning in March, 2023.

Can I use FanDuel in Massachusetts?

FanDuel Sportsbook will provide an excellent, legal option for sports bettors in Massachusetts beginning in March, 2023.

Can I use BetMGM in Massachusetts?

BetMGM Sportsbook will be fully legal and operational in Massachusetts as of March, 2023.

Can I use Caesars Sportsbook in Massachusetts?

Caesars Sportsbook will be a top option for sports betting in Massachusetts, with a rollout planned for March, 2023.

Can I use WynnBet in Massachusetts?

WynnBet Sportsbook will provide Massachusetts another terrific, legal option for sports betting starting in March, 2023.

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