How To Bet On The Super Bowl: Chiefs vs. 49ers


Super Bowl prop bets can cash during the game, and they’re an accessible and engaging way to track what’s happening on the field. Prop bets also carry the potential for more considerable payouts.

First Touchdown

One straightforward prop is a bet on which player will score the game’s first touchdown.

In Super Bowl 57, Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts was the first to find the end zone. His odds for scoring the game’s first TD were +600.

This year, the player with the shortest odds is 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey at +350.

If you like long shots – like anyone who two years ago bet on Cincinnati Bengals kicker Evan McPherson to score the first TD at a reported 3,000/1 – you could end up spending the game regretting the decision to defy the odds if a miracle happened.

The NFL’s rule that requires a replay review of every potential scoring play can be cruel to people who make first-touchdown wagers.

In last year’s game, Eagles running back Kenneth Gainwell took a handoff and was tackled right at the goal line, with the officials initially ruling the play a Philadelphia touchdown. The call was reversed upon mandatory review, and Hurts scored on the next play, ending a painful sequence for bettors who had Gainwell to find the end zone first at 20/1.

And if you ignored all the “skill players” and bet on the field (any player not listed) to score Super Bowl 50’s initial touchdown, you would’ve profited. Broncos defensive tackle Malik Jackson became the first defender to score the first touchdown of a Super Bowl.

Anytime Touchdown

Hurts’ opening TD in the 2023 Super Bowl also helped those who bet on him to score a touchdown at any time during the game. You can make a wager on every active offensive player scoring a touchdown during the game, and some books will include select offensive linemen, defensive players and special teamers like Cincinnati’s McPherson.

If you bet $110 on Hurts to score an anytime touchdown at -110, his TD gave the Eagles an early lead while helping you collect $100 in winnings.

Last year’s game can also be instructive for bettors looking for a big payout on a Super Bowl touchdown. Kansas City linebacker Nick Bolton tied the game with his 36-yard fumble return for a score and helped cash tickets that included an anytime touchdown by a member of the Chiefs defense or special teams units (+600).

Not all sportsbooks will list every active player regardless of position, but the ones who had Bolton listed as an anytime touchdown scorer at +7500 paid bettors $7,500 on a $100 play.

Defense and special team Super Bowl TD wagers aren’t too far-fetched. There has been a defensive or special teams touchdown in 26 of the 57 Super Bowls (45.6%).

However, betting on an offensive lineman to score a touchdown is risky. It’s only happened once in Super Bowl history, so you’re better off putting your money elsewhere.

Super Bowl MVP

The number of Super Bowl player props has almost no limit. It can be fun to bet which player will win Super Bowl Most Valuable Player honors.

However, this category is still relatively new for many well-known betting parlors. Las Vegas books previously avoided taking wagers on outcomes that required a vote.

To no one’s surprise, the safest MVP bet has been on one of the game’s two quarterbacks, given that QBs have won the award 32 times out of 57, including last year when Patrick Mahomes won the award for the second time.

Not surprisingly, Mahomes is favored to win again this year even though his team isn’t favored to win.

Still, the first year Las Vegas books took Super Bowl MVP action, bettors who put money on Broncos linebacker Von Miller to win the award cashed tickets at +2200. People who bet on the MVP’s position collected at +550 if they took one of the game’s linebackers.

Player Stats

There’s a wide variety of statistics-based Super Bowl player props, from ones based on how many passing yards each quarterback will have to those involving how many yards gained by each team’s skill players.

You can also bet on how many field goals or points after touchdowns each kicker will convert, and you can plop some money down on the number of times each team punts.

Safeties & Other In-Game Outcomes

Game outcome props are interesting. You can make a bet on whether either team will record a safety. Given the scarcity of safeties – just nine in 57 Super Bowls – this is a fun play that can make things interesting whenever a team is backed up close to its goal line.

And if you’re really into a big payout on a small bet, test your luck by buying the long odds of a safety as the game’s first score, which happened the last time the Super Bowl had one.

When the Seattle Seahawks recorded a safety on the first Denver Broncos’ offensive play of Super Bowl 48, folks who bet on Seattle to score the game’s first points on a safety at +4000 cashed winning tickets of $4,000 on a $100 wager.

Bettors of a safety happening at any moment during the game at +550 odds won $550 on a $100 play.

One game outcome wager that’s increased in popularity is whether there will be a successful two-point conversion. With NFL coaches showing a greater willingness to go for two, there’s usually reasonably good value on a successful two-point try.

Bettors who made a play on a successful two-point try in Super Bowl 57 had to wait until the game was deep into the fourth quarter, but Jalen Hurt’s game-tying two-point conversion ensured that their wager would cash at +250 odds.

Not only that, but a newer betting phenomenon has become known as wagering on “an octopus,” which has become the go-to term for moments when a two-point conversion is scored by the player who also scored the preceding touchdown.

Given that more than 85% of two-point tries are scored by players other than the one who just found the end zone for a touchdown, the odds of an octopus happening in the Super Bowl are long.

Hurts’ two-pointer helped him pull off this feat, as his successful conversation came immediately after a two-yard TD scamper. Folks who bet on any one of the Eagles or Chiefs achieving an octopus cashed in on a 14/1 wager.

An even more obscure market than an octopus is the Super Bowl doink.


You can make bets on whether the Super Bowl will go to overtime. Those odds are usually around 10/1.

It’s happened only once, when the New England Patriots stormed back from down 28-3 against the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 51.

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