Alpena High ROV team advances to World Championship


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Alpena High School’s Underwater Research Robotics (UR2) took first place in the Ranger Overall category. UR2 is advancing to the World Championship MATE ROV Competition in Kingsport, Tenn. in June.

On Saturday, the MATE Great Lakes Regional ROV Competition was held at the Great Lakes Maritime Heritage Center. The competition is one of 48 regionals held around the world.

This year’s theme and mission was Global Ocean Observing System, protecting and restoring ecosystems and biodiversity, and unlocking ocean-based solutions to climate change.

Teams were tasked with demonstrating their ROVs’ capabilities in a marine technology training tank. They navigated through a series of challenges under strict time constraints. Additionally, they presented their projects to a panel of judges, articulating their design process and objectives. They also captured an overview of the entire project on a prepared display board, telling the story of their ROVs’ conception and purpose.

Eighteen teams competed at the event, five of them in the Scout category, nine in the Navigator category, and four in the Ranger (advanced) category.

Winners are listed below:

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Alcona High School’s E3 team took second place in the Ranger Overall category.

∫ Scout Overall 1st Place: T.A.R.P. Tech – Iosco County 4H/Heritage Coast Sailing and Rowing

∫ Scout Overall 2nd Place: Pickles on Pizza – Alcona Middle School

∫ Navigator Overall 1st Place: The Zip Tie Mechanics – Thunder Bay Junior High

∫ Navigator Overall 2nd Place: The Tridents – Thunder Bay Junior High

∫ Ranger Overall 1st Place: Underwater Research Robotics (UR2) – Alpena High School

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Alcona Middle School’s Pickles on Pizza took second place in the Scout Overall category.

∫ Ranger Overall 2nd Place: E3 – Alcona High School


∫ Safety Award: The Strawberry Crabs – Thunder Bay Junior High

∫ Tethered Together Award: The Tridents – Thunder Bay Junior High

∫ Somehow Someway Award: Spongebot – Thunder Bay Junior High

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Thunder Bay Junior High’s The Tridents took second place in the Navigator Overall category and received the Tethered Together Award.

∫ Innovation Award: N.E.W.T. – Rudyard High School

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Thunder Bay Junior High’s The Zip Tie Mechanics took first place in the Navigator Overall category.

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